Qualifications of GOWAY


GOWAY, the technology entertainment company leading the industry trend and highlighting with the naked eye 3D and active 3D technology as the core, is engaged in creating an immersive digital theme park. Through five years of prosperous development, GOWAY has established multiple subsidiaries in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Henan, with more than 150 intellectual property rights. Through digitally transforming and upgrading traditional cultural tourism, GOWAY has realized 80% national market share of immersive digital theater - fantasy space, highlighting the market performance. In the future, GOWAY will continue to uphold the innovation spirit and quality pursuit, continuously promote technological innovation and product upgrading, and provide better experiences and services.

GOWAY emphasizes on promoting technology research and development, creating the fantasy space digital theme park, continuously enriching technology experience products, and supporting cultural tourism and commerce development.
GOWAY is dedicated to promoting the development of the fantasy space ecosystem, optimizing the supply chain, attracting prominent talents to drive operation and store cultivation services, developing peripheral products, and operating and experimenting with multiple business models to promote the progress of the fantasy space digital theme park ecosystem.
GOWAY Vision: Constructing 1,000 Chinese Disneyland in 33 years!
GOWAY Mission: Creating happiness for thousands of households!
Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for our progress.

Innovation is the inexhaustible
riving force for our progress

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Headquarters: Building B, No. 74 of Xieshigong Road, Shibi, Panyu District, Guangzhou (close to Guangzhou South Station)
Branch: Building 4, Kunshan High-tech Zone Robot Industry Park, No. 232 of Yuanfeng Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

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