Introduction to Product

Fantasy Space is the masterpiece crafted by GOWAY Company, applying advanced VR technology, with the 300m2 high-definition high-resolution LED display screen, ten-channel panoramic sound effects, suspended corridor bridge made of ultra-white transparent tempered glass, and 12K * 8K super definition CG films, creating viewers with an immersive experience that transcends time and space and shuttles through heaven and earth.

Introduction to Product

Immersive internet celebrity curtain display applies VR technology and the high-definition display screen and combines with 12K multimedia playback control system to achieve perfect integration with movies. The special effects, such as high-frequency lightning, heavy rain, rapid blowing, instant blizzard, and romantic bubbles, can create a comprehensive visual experience. Professional speakers is capable of achieving a strong dynamic sound reinforcement system, realizing a surround sound effect for the entire venue. The theme film involves amazing lighting effects, changes in the twelve zodiac signs, changes of the four seasons, dragon hovering, underwater world, as well as immersive moments of climax, such as spring rain thunder, underwater viewing of Kongming lanterns, lions displaying for autumn celebration, polar bears walking on ice, and giant dragons sparking.

The versatile 16K video hardware decoding and playback
is a powerful, user-friendly, and reliable visual
encoding and playback system.

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